Tips For Moms from Moms

Tips For Moms from Moms

Motherhood is defined as the state of being a mother. This exclusive club comes with no manual, and very minimal hands on training. The rest is up to you to figure it out. This is by no means a guideline, but some tips to help you along your journey in motherhood from moms around the world:  

1. “Remember that your baby will repeat everything you say or do. Teach them right after birth, and pray for them everyday.” - Melisa Y.

2.  “As a mother you have to learn how to have patience. With multiple kids, you have to make sure you don’t show favoritism.” - Alyshia W.

3.  “As a mother your child will always look to you for protection no matter how young or old they are.” - Jeanette H.

4.  “A lot will change, accept all of it. Accept yourself as a new woman and a mother. Most importantly accept and love the little one you’ve given life to.” - Shaneshia B.

5.  “Don’t live life with regrets or feel like your missing out on anything. What’s for you will always be for you.” -Arista R.

6.  “Sometimes you will be the one that breaks your child's heart to protect them.” -Amanda B.

7.  “When you’re having a rough day, seeing their big cheesy grins when you pick them up makes it all worth it.” - Arriannyie M.

8. “Take time for yourself, mentally and physically.  Have girls night with no kids.  We love our kids but we all need the girl time and chat.” - Abby M.

9.  “Try to spend as much time with your kids because the time goes by REAL FAST. Oh and take monthly pictures on the days they were born for the first year, man you will be amazed at how much they change at the end of the first year.” - JuneAnn C.

10.  “Sleep train your baby when he/she is ready. Best decision I've ever made.” - Janaan S.

11.  “There’s no right way to be a mom. Do what’s in the best interest for you and your child. Be strong and always remember you’re doing great at the most difficult time.” - Akira H.

12.  “Take time for self care. You cannot take care of any one else, if you don’t take care of yourself.” - Shameka J. 

13. “Remember who you are before the kids came along. It's important to still follow your dreams and go after your goals.” - Khala H. 

14.  “If you can’t afford it please don’t worry yourself about it. Babies grow so quick. All they need is you.” - Rhomari L.

15.  “Don’t be upset with yourself if you feel a disconnection from your baby ANYTIME during or after pregnancy. Do your research to recognize Postpartum Depression, and do not be ashamed to ask for help.” - Brittany W.

16.  “No matter whether you’re young, old, married, single, new Mom, experienced Mom, you’re never 100% ready for the arrival of a new baby and it’s ok, because you learn from it. I had a mom of six tell me this when I was pregnant, and it helped me so much.” - Victoria R.

17.  “Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.” - Orenda M.

18.  “Get good with your toes. I mean picking up stuff, turning off stuff. Just trust me on this. They are a second set of hands when you need 'em!  Limber up, new mama!” - Erica B.

19.  “Take other parents advice with a grain of salt. They can’t tell you how to best parent your child. They can only tell you how to best parent their child.” - Kirin M.

20. “Find the love and laughter in every moment! It makes the toughest of times a little easier, and the sweetest moments more amazing!“ - Christine M.

21.  “Its ok to take a little time for yourself! Dont let people make you feel like you are being selfish for doing something only for you and your wellbeing!” - Chance D.

22.  “Listen to advice but follow your instincts. Always check out any home remedies or old wives tales before using them. It's your baby, you're responsible for what happens to them. Make the decisions you feel are best for your child.” - Candelaria B.

23.  “Better get that baby use to noise (vacuuming and such) or you’re screwed.” - Chantissa M.

24.  “Whether you breastfeed or bottlefeed , you're still an amazing parent. If you're trying to breastfeed and can't, do not feel bad or stress yourself out trying to produce milk supply. There is nothing wrong with using formula. As long as you're caring and providing for your baby, that is all that matters.” - Miya B.

25. “Don't be afraid to ask for help! I didn't and ended up with Postpartum Depression.” - Lauren J.

26.  “Raise your baby YOUR way, not the way your mom or grandma did it and it’s okay to be messy, cry and also seek help when you feel overwhelmed.” - Tanya V.

27.  “Each child develops at their own pace, milestones are just a guideline.” - Myasha T.

28.  “Enjoy being with your baby, they stay that little for such a short time.” - Jill S.

29.  “It’s okay to mess up and not be perfect. Raise your child the best you can, and don't judge yourself based off others.” - Joley M.

30. “ Stay away from Smokers! Stay away from people who smoke cigarettes and also people who are sick, RSV is deadly!” - Tonda M. 

31.  “You're doing a good job...relax.” Honor S.

32.  “Don’t forget to plan for the impossible because it’s always going to happen no matter how prepared you are.” - Tiffanie K.

33.  “When my daughter was newborn and would wake at crazy hours only for my husband to totally sleep through it was very disheartening. But you must remember, you are a new mom, and he is a new dad. You will learn together, and you should be together to learn those things.” - Teaura B.

34.  “You don’t need 2/3 of the crap that new parents buy. The baby will be with you 24/7 so all you need is a car seat, stroller, diapers, breast pump/formula, wipes, onesies, burp cloths, and blankets.” Dawn RW.

35.  “Whether you plan on breastfeeding or formula feeding, get breast pads. nobody told me that I would need them, I left the hospital leaking all down my shirt.” - Jessi G.

Being a mother is one of life’s greatest adventures. You literally have no idea what you’re doing 90% of the time and somehow it just works. Like anything in life, there will be bad days but just push through them. I hoped these tips helped you whether you're a seasoned mom or a mom to be. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe below! 

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