What is Hair Porosity?

Do you use products that promise to deeply moisturize your mane, but all it does is sit on top of the hair causing buildup? Does your hair feel hydrated when wet, but once it dries it feels like straw? You may be using the wrong products for your hair porosity. 


Insecurities will kill you if you let it. From a young age, I remember being very self conscious. I remember trying to "fit in", always seeking approval. Up until middle school I was the tallest female in my classes, and "stick skinny" which made it hard to blend in. 

A New Beginning

Like many other African American children, I grew up getting relaxers because my hair was "easier to manage" that way. Sure relaxed hair came with its advantages. Bone straight hair (even when wet), detangling was a breeze, deep conditioning didn't require using half a container. But the ease of detangling came with constant breakage, flat hair, and can we talk about the scalp sores? Yeah, no thank you.