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Reverting: Did I Get Heat Damage? + A Giveaway

Being natural for nearly 4 years, I’ve learned my hair. I’ve studied it, and been through trail and error to make sure I’m doing everything in my power to keep it healthy. Daily moisturizing, maintaing my protein to moisture balance, limiting the usage of heat on my hair to once a year only by professionals. This is proof that even when you take all precautionary steps, the outcome could still not be in your favor. 

Let The Games Begin!

2018, the year of new beginnings and growth. A new year comes with new goals, new adventures, new “mistakes”, and new challenges. In my previous blog post, I told you I was on a healthy hair growth challenge all 2018. Keep reading for Part One of the challenge. 

New Year, New Hair

As you know, I recently got my hair straightened and the growth was unbelievable. Since I’ve reached my goal of bra strap length in under 4 years, I want to see if I can obtain waist length by April 2019. To read about my straightening experience, as well as how I plan to achieve this goal, continue reading below. 

My Store Bought Favorites

The question I get asked the most is "what products do you use?" Since I use different products for my wash days, depending on what my hair needs, I figured this blog post would help answer that question. For those that are into hair typing, I have a mix of 3C & 4A curls. My crown (center of my head) is like 2C, 3A-ish. I have low porosity, high-density hair. This one is gonna be a long one, so grab some water, and continue reading if you want to know my staple products.

What is Hair Porosity?

Do you use products that promise to deeply moisturize your mane, but all it does is sit on top of the hair causing buildup? Does your hair feel hydrated when wet, but once it dries it feels like straw? You may be using the wrong products for your hair porosity. 

A New Beginning

Like many other African American children, I grew up getting relaxers because my hair was "easier to manage" that way. Sure relaxed hair came with its advantages. Bone straight hair (even when wet), detangling was a breeze, deep conditioning didn't require using half a container. But the ease of detangling came with constant breakage, flat hair, and can we talk about the scalp sores? Yeah, no thank you.